Roger Goodell the bad Parent!

I can’t believe that the NFLPA has complained enough and got the NFL commissioner to overturn the suspension of Ray Rice. I guess the squeaky wheel does really get the grease. Just like a child, if you throw a big enough tantrum the parent will eventually give in and give them their way. In this case Roger Goodell is the parent and Ray Rice is the child. People are saying that the NFL has no right to hand out disciplinary actions to Ray Rice, that it is a legal matter and to let justice takes its course. Ok, let me throw this out to you. If I worked at a large corporation, and I was a representative of that Corporation and I got arrested for beating my wife don’t you think that they would discipline me? Of course they would, in fact they would fire me and no matter how much I cried about it, they would hire me back. You see, the commissioner is showing his weakness, he is showing you that you can break the rules and that is you throw enough of a tantrum that he will lift his punishment and bring you back into the fold. This shows other players that even though you commit a terrible crime, that yes there will be some bad media publicity, that he will do a song and dance, but that you as the player really won’t have any consequences. Goodall has done this throughout this season, he has lifted full season suspensions on more than one player, and everyone thinks that he is the laughing stock of the NFL. Oh, but Roger wants to throw the book at Adrian Peterson, Roger feels that what Peterson did was worse than what Rice did, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I honestly hope that Roger gets fired and that they get someone in there that has sum gumption, and that will actually what they say that they are going to do. Its time to quit letting these players get away with breaking the law and the league rules, and show these players that there will be serious consequences for their actions!


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